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A start of to get to know me I’m a athletic person I may not have  the  best good sportsmanship but I try my best with it. Some people think I’m a sporty jerk before they meet me because how everyone says I’m good at sports and I have friends that do a lot of sports also I’m counted as popular. I know a lot of  people which that docent mean I’m friends with them    Theres people like me that are sporty that are  jerks but I’m not going to point them out. But I’m not the one to be to judge that I try to have a good attitude but I’m dramatic sometimes. I try  to make the best of things but its hard to if your in my situation and your friends don’t like each other. Back to me I  am a warm hearted competitive girly girl/tom boy it matters what I’m doing like if I’m doing track or football with  friends you better  watch out but grades come first and family . Nothing could ever replace what comes first or is important to me all my grades have always been b+ and higher lets hope to keep it that way.

Friends and sports come last the aren’t needs like we learn in social studies because of the best teacher ever Mrs. Louden I thought sixth grade was going to be horrible and hard but its not actually like that at all . Dont get me wrong its not easy its harder than elementary school will ever be i think.Try your best like I  do I might not be the smartest but i sure do try my best.You can’t get irritated easly he I eachers are just doing there job teaching us and making sure we pass the grade.Be scared though the sports aren’t easy there hard and the people are good. Always remember me! athletic!~

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  1. Hi Adrianna
    I’m Caitlin, but most people call me Catie. I think it’s really cool how you like sports because that has always been an activity that confused me. How do you deal with people getting mad at you while playing sports? When I play sports everyone gets upset when I’m on their team (I’m not very athletic). Also, What do you like to do when your not playing sports? Anyway, I just wanted to say hi and have a good day. My Blog: http://caitlind.edublogs.org/

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