Becoming Big!

PleaseCreative Commons License Christof Timmermann via Compfight

One of my major accomplishments with our  20% project so far is, planning our fundraiser out so that we can do cooking classes to earn even more money to buy supplies for the homeless. All of this is a domino effect it has to happen in order, I’m also feeling overwhelmed because our project just seems to me to be coming super fast. We’ve had tons of time to get prepped for this but it’s scary thinking about your project could fail at any second. You have to be confident with your project its very important too.  Lately y group has had arguments because its always that one person never wants to do there work, mmmh it’s never me though. All you have to think of is the responsibility you project comes with,trust me its alot. We all in the group keep high circumstances for each other so we don’t get behind in work.

My December goals are…. to contact the the high school athletic director about us going there games to earn money for our fundraiser. We have to also to get all our supplies and that’s mostly it because we don’t do all our project tasks in one month even if it just started. How were going to achieve these goals is believe in each other and  work together so we can accomplish our tasks.

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