Basketball, sounds pretty hard to some people. I want to get the fact around the world that basketball is a amazing! Its one of those kids of sports of when its all about teamwork you call for the ball, dribble, pass, then make the shot. It’s not just about one person hogging the ball down the court. You’ll hear the coach always say don’t be a ball hog and if you want to be one you better be the best of the best! Yet no one is the best no ones perfect that is what she means by that. If you think about it, you need to get to know everyone one on your team. You need to know what there good at and what there not so you can critique them to get better and they can do the same for you.

See the better you get to know each other the most you trust each other. The girls on my team┬áthat I didn’t know I probably would’ve never talked to them in the morning but guess what! I talk to them every morning, I need the girls on my team there strong,independent,smart,athletic, human beans, and they deserve a try at it they deserve just as many chances as we get on that court. It doesn’t matter if your good or just starting basketball my team taught me you can become the best if you hustle for it. I really cant show how thankful I am to have made the basketball team it honestly gives you more confidence in trying new things as easy as trying a new food it can become your favorite. Think about you being 50 feet from the hoop and 6 people are guarding you that’s impossible and that’s when you take the chance to trust your teammates to make it to the hoop. You always have to remember its not all about winning it about the experience.

I would have never thought to make the basketball team because you know I do cheer basketball is totally different and harder. One thing different is in cheer your on a team yes you are in basketball you are too but you need teamwork in basketball in cheer you can be the best and make the team win competition on your own. That’s not how life works in sports like soccer,volley ball, and basketball theres alot more. being myself 5ft tall person i’m perfect for basketball. My father has wanted me to do basketball for 6yrs thats a lot but iv’e never actually committed to it when I tried so now it begins my basketball journey. This time I’m putting in my blood,sweat,and tears to make myself and my team the best. It all comes back to my basketball coach she gave effort on the first day on making us good enough for our first game and guess what we won by 58 points. Going in with a good attitude and thinking quick we won!

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  1. Hi Adrianna!
    I have just started to play basketball in my school, and although I’m not very good, I enjoy it very much! I have really liked reading your post!


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