Becoming Big!

Christof Timmermann via Compfight One of my major accomplishments with our  20% project so far is, planning our fundraiser out so that we can do cooking classes to earn even more money to buy supplies for the homeless. All of this is a domino effect it has to happen in order, I’m also feeling overwhelmed because our project […]

Making A Difference

My PBL project is helping the homeless by teaching cooking classes then using that money to buy $5 gift cards and waters from Sam’s or Costco because they sell products in bulk. Then, we are going to go downtown and give these out to the homeless. I’m feeling happy about our project because it’s a […]

Where Would You Go?!

          I would love to go to Hawaii!  This place looks wonderful in pictures and even more beautiful in real life. There’s a lot of pull factors to this little island. Well, not very little. In 1959, is was made to be our 50th state. There’s a little more to this unique islands history. Around […]

How We Celebrate!

Christmas, not everyone’s favorite holiday but mostly people love it because of the joy it brings to our families . Theres also a question  millions of pedestrians ask them self? How do all celebrate Christmas across the world, well there’s different ways we celebrate because there’s different cultures and ethnic groups around the world.  Well here’s an example in Japan, Christmas in known as more […]

If I Could Improve My School

If I could improve my school, I would change our families do not communicate, because being in sixth grade is very overwhelming for me I know for a fact. I would change this because teachers are correct they’re not stupid they know when you don’t try your best; however when I say I have turned […]


Basketball, sounds pretty hard to some people. I want to get the fact around the world that basketball is a amazing! Its one of those kids of sports of when its all about teamwork you call for the ball, dribble, pass, then make the shot. It’s not just about one person hogging the ball down […]


                                   Activity 3 Once Opon a time there was a very old, creepy house It was on 116 acres of land  It had been abonded 15 years later after and deadly accident that no one speaks of but all we know […]

Give credit

                                                                              ACTIVITY 1 Attributions and licenses a very specific topic when In a project or blogging when […]

Avatar blog

Why I chose my avatar to look this way was it shows the way my style is and what ways I’m unique in that´s a  very important way to think when its coming to choosing what you want your avatar to wear or look. That´s the way I look at things if you want to […]